Hey there!

I’m Lise (pronounced leez) and I design things.

I grew up in New York, studied Graphic Design at Northeastern in Boston, then moved to San Francisco where I currently live. I design full-time at Kloudless, a tech startup (for integrating cloud storage into apps) based in Berkeley across the Bay. I also do small-scale freelance projects on the side and mentor students on design at Designlab. I like to work with people that are passionate about keeping up with technology while giving design high priority.

I’ve worked on projects that involve branding and corporate identity, web design, UI and UX work, marketing and print design, editorial work, game art, illustration, and photography. I was schooled in traditional graphic design and self-taught in applying it to interactive media via HTML and CSS. I don’t specialize in one particular area because I prefer to dabble in everything (although I do love designing for the web!). :] I also tend to nerd out about typography.

Want to hear more about my work or share feedback on design things? If you’re in SF, let’s grab coffee — reach out to me!